alfie lee writing


woke up thinking

my consciousness is uncoupling
with the world. tensions tighten
turns, screws nut, bolt upright
in the dim and distance between nights
and days, woulds ply buckling,
belting out.

who will keep you safely in
your seat, racing on the track
of your heartbeat? smoking meat
on the barbeque pit, it's really the sauce
they say; that's the beef but that, is
where the magic is.

try, take a bite, plump, succulent
as desert cacti, needled through and true
with lack and pain, scattered on the planet's
arid plains, they eke out more
than life blooming with the merest
wist of rain.

i cannot see around corners, nor past
time passing by, behind, i must
step outside myself to find, wander even
out of this line of thought
and mind my loosing, losing my
state of mine.


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