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suddenly every thing spills    over the rim

         suddenly a movie came back to
         us and she said, "why am i such
         a sucker and i ran after
         a moving bus with open windy windows
         for life is holy and every moment
         precious as i
         started to wrap my
         arms, weary as they may
               looking for her runaway
dog, in the park, cross-eye,
         as the aim of my camera
         is off, or i am short
         of a full palette, which with
         (sometimes to better, i put my head
         out, the correct words
         fade that starts you to
         hold me thing,
         he has a better smile than him
         universe not unincredible
         ( radio says i take you places, baby
             incredible stupendous spillrim


*note to "suddenly every thing spills over the rim"


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