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Ping Pong

                   I'm sure I will. Wanna bat? Suppose he made all of a
                   sudden. Suppose to be game, set, match. I am a young woman
                   but he doesn't say I'm happy. So I decide to delete some
                   users on my friends list who don't comment. That's me on
                   the other end of the table. Thank you but I'm not sure if
                   they read. It's been a long tourney so far. So forth. Yes
                   right when she saw the photos she was pretty upset. I have.
                   She had. Please don't take it personality but I never forget.
                   It's pong. Ping Pong. Keep your armpits where I can see
                   them. I am. It's real and he's true. I try but can't seem
                   to work the facts. It's on the money right of the bad.

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