alfie lee writing



rolls of the tongue
easy and sweet. you
get used to it. every explanation a defense 
the best offense. it's
mostly true. on my way to
work i took the cynic route. 
spied with my little i
a swallow pick a sodden danish
on the pathway peckish. it's
mostly true. i approach cautiously and
in all honesty and with
all the facts available to me at the time
of writing. it's mostly
true. i am late. i cannot
linger longer. i cannot
stop to wait. it's
mostly true. this
a rapidly executed
study of figure and mood. i'm not
even thinking. i just love
what i do. it's mostly
true. a tongue could be forked
or cheeked or twisted tied or biting licked when
wounds are but easy and sweet.
tingles in the tangle.
a delicious dark where lovers meat.
it's true. it's mostly you. bitter to
the taste of defeat.


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