alfie lee writing


fluid dynamics

there's no way out.
i'm down for the count. gag
reflex. i better shut
my trap before you hate me more. forecast
for the weak
is mostly pain. how all these things
from a past you never had snuck
into your present. the acoustics could
be better. drowning out each thought. there's nothing
more. painful
then change. the answer
is porous. it's all relative no it's not. one Michelin star. what you are is
a fucking liar. bouncing round endlessly. the ladies have
been here an hour waiting. what's that
you say? whelk and buckwheat. who sleeping with who
cares. so many
things i recall that won't make it past. i don't think
it's the flu. to be precise. i'm sorry. i'm out. i was
later proven wrong.

just water. clear!


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