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O Diana!

There is little mention of him
in the histories of poetry.
He is not represented

in the current anthologies.
It is possible that
his poems are no longer

read. They were in all probability
in his own lifetime even, never
read widely. Sure i make jokes and distractions

and talk to anyone who would listen,
about the Nyonya girl, the
maitre d', from the town of Ipoh,

Malaysia; which i've driven through, on my way
to the cool climes of the Cameron Highlands, twice
in my life, all winding curves and sheer

ascents; she angular, erect and greyhound
lean, efficient, authoritative, cute, twinkle-eyed;
mean with her smile but when she

does, twice as much to me it means; tattoo, piercing
Cantonese; how she makes my heart go boom!

boodeeboom, boodeeboom!
Boodeeboom, boodeeboom!
Boodee, boom, boom, boom!

I just found out from Sarah her name, Diana.
Heavenly! O divine! O Goddess of the hunt and moon!
You and i will be as free, as the birds up in the trees!

But check! The brass tacks.
The Wikipedia facts, the come back;
without you, why bother.


*note to "O Diana!"


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