alfie lee writing



ghost crabs stalk
tentative at first
the crippled booby bird
downed by waves over exuberance
dot and dash dispatch as
old as the wind's refrain
across the sand
on Galápagos

weeks of clinging
to flotsam and instinct
hardened by millennia
dehydrate and only
by the flick and tongue of plumbless currents
make shore

half tonne tortoises
buffet finches
on slope and spine
of calderas
birthed by fire

pirate birds plunder
nests high walls prowl
sperm whale graveyard
headstone for
an industrial age
storehouse of the finest quality
fur seal pelts

pierce through everything
pluck me from my desert isle
feet from the tv
ruffle feathers of curiosity
take me to the very end that is death
inching surely each cycle
south east for the americas
the barren rock
the passing firetruck


*note to "archipelago"


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