alfie lee writing

chain reaction

it always starts
with the weather that's what it feels like anyway
the flurry of emails
retrieved from the spam folder

gives me a sense of comfort
checking books out from the library
and having them at home though
they are never read collecting dust prop things up

the constant renewing the adventure returns to chore
when routine sets in i think
i'll plan a trip a cruise
the Bahamas or maybe venture off my couch

a staycation but the music from my downstairs
neighbor is disrupting my efforts in
establishing a rhythm that i am
unwilling to accept syncs not with my moves i can't

i don't follow she said leave me alone
please leave me alone so we
set the clocks forward one hour in march and begin
again i feel i've lost track

of the two hundred photos per album sixty odd albums
mostly party mugs when
i last had lunch with him
i realize now how he was looking

and in the eaves chattering
finches insist that we leave can we have some of that
please i only wish for the sun to break
through the overcast sky and shine the waters to subside

that i know would settle my mind
for i do not fear death

no ok that is not exactly true i know

i am no longer even half the man i had once hoped to be
come that's kinda awkward and life and you have made a coward of me now
that's kinda unfair and it's not dying that i fear but who
will tell you that it's

alright it keeps me up at night it keeps
me plodding round the park it keeps me off the salt it keeps me
nervous with every tic and unfamiliar ache and lump
for who will tell you it's alright it keeps me up

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