alfie lee writing


you write poetry like a girl whatever
that means

the sun is a bee stung tongue
alive a hive of hits
the lake swells a blue vulva
buzzing with pleasure bits

i see approaching mazzy
fins of vertebrae bare
back taletelling my belly
ache lusting there

in the underbrush mounds
arise knocking knees go
slow sidelong wind thorn a
rose panty no

love means no licky
no dicky no mickey no
mouse of ghosts and paper
cuts in this doll's house

yeses certainty death and sexts
flora fauna lips to madonna part
curses all hexes on exes
i set i'mma gonna start

fires that can only be put
out with oxymoronic
abandon the honey
of my own wild herstoryonic

random for a song of a lark
i steal a hug invoke a spark
you plug and finally be done
with it tears flood of course



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