alfie lee writing


because i almost crashed into a deer bigger than my car on the highway

because i am my mother's first
born son i feel no pain only
mild annoyance at her lateness

because i was not bullied
as a child nor had to hide who i was
growing into being grew even more

so i did not take
a razor to myself in the bath
in my teens and make the cut

because i was never the object
of unwanted attention only
subject of want be cause

i had no need to screw strangers
in public lavatories or touch
feet unsure hold hands unseen lie

there and take it because i was
not victim under any circumstance more self-

because i have no cause to fight
only retirement to look forward to
cars to collect interns to fuck

because i have a big
do i not bleed

because i am balls out semi-
automatic blazing and armoured in an
irony composite

because i feel young as ever
not a day older and will live forever
and will not die

because my deer was beautiful
and noble and majestic
and missed

because one foot stood
between the airbags that will never
deploy and the road that will not end


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