alfie lee writing


state of mine

i want to change my own mind at least
once every day, and change it back, perhaps,
again let me be a fool but not

a bigot, no pool but brook, never stagnant
water but always flowing or vapour or
ice, execute no stay but keep alive, take

to air, crystallise, or through capillaries
act, transpiring, leaves
to atmosphere, from peaks

on high to estuaries, cloud canopies, leap frog,
poison darts, bridge, steam boats, fall, withhold, slake
thirsts, wet beds, track mud, collect

under eaves, drown, wash worn, carry, stream
fish, make land, nest eggs, part reeds, ground
ships, border, flood plains, loose

hope, float homes, power stations, bead
brows, peter, blot, boil, drip, drizzle, dew, rise,
ebb, mist, tear, bless, pass time, wear stones, reflect.


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