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i cast my mom into the sea

i cast my mom
into the sea,
she's now a bed
of coral reef,

with garlands
of anemones,
where rings
of mandarins wreath.

and angel dwarves
bright colours pure,
her gardens

and sharks and eels,
though seeming cruel,
keep the balance

the old and sick
do ebb and wash,
they make way
for the new.

we are not sum
single entity
but some of nature's
crew. we live

to live the best
we can then
we die, that's what
we do. we do

it all alone, in truth,
whichever way
we choose.
as sure as day

and night, fire,
water, wind
and stone, in

fierce sympathy,
we dance
with the unknown
and know

life, when you and i
are gone, will go on
un answered kōans.


*note to "i cast my mom into the sea"


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