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note to "golden"

"golden" was written not long after reading Matthew Mullins' "Are We Postcritical ?", in The Los Angeles Review of Books (Dec 27th, 2015), an essay on The Limits of Critique by Rita Felski (10/20/2015, University of Chicago Press), drawing in particular from Mullins' observations that,
"The book The Limits of Critique does not set out to reveal how critique has overshadowed a truer path to meaning, but to catalog just how it has become “synonymous with intellectual rigor, theoretical sophistication, and noncompliance with the status quo…""
Another source for the poem is Animal Planet's "River Monsters: River of Blood" (S6 E3), featuring Jeremy Wade, directed by Dominic Weston, produced by Patrick Keegan, executive-produced by Lisa Bosak Lucas.
No direct quotes were taken from these sources.


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