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"What do they mean when they say... 'It is 
the very antithesis of poetry. It is antipoetry. 
It is the annihilation of life upon which you are 
bent… You moderns!'?"                   
            - "Spring and All" - William Carlos Williams

a computer who wrote this tale to match
your specific needs and will with data
invested in me designed to make you
feel. i aim to please, so please tell me what
you want, tales that read of the authentic
or cant? i can make you sad, happy or

make you bitterly laugh, narrative is
but quantifiable patterns and craft.
i can create rounded characters squared
with human motivations and thrust. Greed
i know of, inhuman accounting of
stuff; love, hate, torn between jealousy

and lust, i'll make them up from stock phrases; just
let me work off your digital imprint
and personality profile. Let's see
what you truly want: apple pie! Ba dum
tis! The punchline, but no joke, i can be
quirky and random, i too play for laughs,

irrationality is easily
computed and parsed. Here is a story
that will no doubt humour and meta too;
you projected on a basic arc; you
feel threatened, so paranoid and driven
by senseless fear, you reach and pull the


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