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another way of telling

whenever i chance upon
a revelation, i always think
that i'm the first, but the truth
is different, i think to myself
once again while shampooing
in the shower.

my hairstylist said
to me, wow your grey hairs
are like highlights - i said
i know! never make the mistake
of thinking
that all men have it easy.

i see some young girls
on the street, thinking
they are thinking what i'll never know.

where do your problems end
and you begin? i think
i have to eat. i need
the energy to combat
the cold. see the salt that cakes
my boots and laces? yesterday's
snow. see my
coat, in the style i have yet
to grow into, today, it is ten years old.

at night in bed with fever, i ache
from every bone, each
hurt and pang i greet anew, though have always known.


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