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simply put somethings can never be

when the men called at twelve
in answer to their own agenda
to execute the plot, counter
balance to their god, to settle once again
for all, what needs be done, strong
arms strike each drawn out charge
round their exit wound
from the emptied chamber -

of my mind scattershot gun
off my own armchair balance high
horse, the right upon wrong upon
wrong make the worse of, think of
clichés of clichés too light fire
fight fire to must muster
doubtless downright and as definite
as sure as i am alive -

i know enough somethings, like dialogue,
engagement, change, let's look at it from
another, reason, lash back, truism,
absolutely agree to disagree, measure
and i do not mean to be callous, let's call it
tolerance but let it also be
said that quite frankly, as sure as
i am alive -

i know somethings, i do
believe, for sure what's left the right
to say what i want whatever
i want to say even
as free as the body with no standing
against the lead the mouth
issues to the head, god, i pray, for
thinking, it's dead.


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