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from the desert of my mouth

from the desert of my mouth
with its masticated hurt and memories
of coral seas now dust

you cloud cool as atmosphere
precipitating in time first politely
asking then steady and persistent

so finally violent and unbridled
shafts and bolts of lightning striking
every nerve and flashing flood.

from the desert of my mouth
with its wild scape and expanse and stutter
of guttural bramble and bluffs

and hems of hardly hawthorn tattered
for water and lack with life
and light spilling you alight

in transit from the far teasing nectar
tune your ballad of who you are trilling
to the promise in your stead of home.

from the desert of my mouth
carcasses lie in all manner of poses
destined to only almost find

their final sources of discomfort
to serve in vain as an afterthought
and warning and the shame

of being eaten alive that pleasures
wind you where you might turn a blind
i to sensations of every kind.

from the desert of my mouth
with its desperate nights where
you worm your way to ground

to unbed the doubts that dare to part
foolhardy from itself to view only
in stages breaking morning due

and quiet still and sudden
starts that blast of sun that splits the crags
of crows to stone your rock heart.


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