alfie lee writing


the girl  thedog  the beach

having come all the way here
they re not leaving till
swimming discouraged in the rainy
months, the girl wants
an ice cream is afraid
of the water, BUT WHAT CAN WE
DO? hadsomuch trouble getting you
then now the party on
the beach gathers
the sunset, there was
only the sound of the crashingsurf
i think,-- not aplace for me
woofwaves,-- can be ferocious, and the
cold can t wait to lick you in the lick
wait cold you in the can t and to the
section reserved for
the guests, this action reversed
the evening sun, you see
the beach scurry on crablegs, runasfast
as they can yell jellyfish
JELLYFISH?! when satisfied
the dog came out of the
"water paused tail raised in"
front of acamera stuck
stongueout shookit selftrotted
(daywellspentness) away


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