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"the effect produced on the first reading is something like terror"

when the aeroplane fell
out of the sky,
the people wondered why.

they thought that things were good,
there was laughter, spirits and food,
there were people everywhere one looked.

there are people everywhere one looks,
striking all manner of poses,
that man is running from something, one supposes.

that woman is trying her best to stop
that sound, that little one wears a little frown.
that one has earbuds on listening still

there with his nose to the ground.
the land around them looks
as it has always looked

but for these people in the nude.
the mettle of the truth, not to
give in but knocks, about to balls, not socks,

not walk, not to.
a scupper is a thread
on a train on an arc

of an angle where would woo.
there are feelings and there are shoes
there are things that will never do.

over there the aeroplane flew
as far as we could tell,
things are going swell.


*note to "the effect produced on the first reading is something like terror"


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