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like.  I  survived  Hugo.

A      definite     turning
point. The first  time.  I
d      had       something
thrown  in  my  face.   I

couldn t  deal.  Control.
It   was   happening.   I
knew.   I   didn  t  want
him to  take  what  was
mine.  It  was  his .  He

was.    Shit.    Inflicting
his violence.  I. On me.
Decided. I  didn t want
to live.  With  it.  I  felt
incredibly angry. I didn

t want  to  be  bitter.    I
know. I  didn t  want it.
I   didn   t    want   him.
Destroy  me .  I  didn  t.
A    part  .   I     feel    .

Talk    about.     Things
happen. To them. They
get    sexually    hung  .
Their   lives.  They  get
bitter.  Trust  people.   I

made         it           into
something  .    I    could
gain.    Myself.    It was
definitely    .   I   turned
around.           It         s


*note to "like. I survived Hugo."


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