alfie lee writing


The body breaks

down in spite of
our vain attempts.
can only con

vince you of that
fact. Frame it in
myths and texts and
live without a

ny illusions
and no regrets.
What you are is
what you get. On

the phone with my
father he says
i have got to
go for a test,

I get tired.
I hope i'm get

ting better. I
think i am. It's
hard to tell when
it's you assess

ing yourself. There
you are. On an
axis of dawn
ings and dusks spin

ning through space or
biting but one
of the Milky
Way's numberless

circling stars. The
reach of your thoughts
from your grasp. To
know time only

when your time has
come at last. Your
future will be
present now was.


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