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Pirate copy

Confusing who
i want to be
with who i think i
was, i cast out into

the open sea.
Captaining my own
pirate ship,
armed with a

a violent volley
of obscenities
to sundry i did cuss.

I scoured all the seven
seas, weathered seven
super storms and hummed
along to sirens' songs

in seven different
keys. And in the midst
of plotting out
my newfound

destiny, on a sea
as still and blue
as ever i have been,
i chanced upon

a castaway and hauled
him aboard my ship.
Bewildered and in shock
he was but not

so much as i.
For it was i myself i saw so
horrified to see,
half-dead and

delirious and stranger
still confusing
who i think i was with
who would rescue me.


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