alfie lee writing


as surely you turn bourgeois

i have no answers
for what you ask.

improvements over
time. the first step is always tough.

how can i help? there are no excuses.
i work as many hours as anyone.

lord save me from these idiots. taking
13 steps to help me find my inner calm.

what is life
without happiness or a little indulgence.

finding necessity
and lack where there were none

before. conscious of my actions
always. all that good to be done.

either way, i'm sorry. if you set
your mind to it. and work hard.

i have travelled a fair distance,
look at the distance i've come.

if one is sure of one's own conscience
how could one go wrong?

my children will enjoy
what i could only dream of.

i shall leave a positive influence
when i'm gone.


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