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she loves NY but her heart baby...

"That is, in prose you start with the world
and find the words to match; in poetry you start
with the words and find the world in them."
~ Dysraphism, Charles Bernstein

somethings do be blessed
so don't lose hard
up a five word attention
spend worried or impressed
from the comfort of having
else contort. you got a
bout of your health, you are
in good ship, know nothing
comes easy and they
are all of use. do you
own your feelings? if this
beg is to unravel then
no arrival on some other
narrator's obvious route.
don't be uneasy within
efficacy. danger stems
identities left. need
combine to process your love
evincible in a bed
of stone among stones and men
after ours. lose yourself
in temperate suit and sallies
not before like seeming
to work in terms off.
freedom chances lives.
along the weigh, by
and bye. do you free them
the same as? why can't people
not be unhappier daring
pervasive treat, in stead
shrink back with what we need effect
cold shower of affection? just i
for wants is slick and tied and sure enough
because like walking down this street
conferring the infinite
on the left of your name please after the tone
i'm sorry i couldn't be there for two.


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