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If i'm not me then who the hell am i?

Stone. A minor. Note to self.
Did you not hear me? Am i not

Death? Nothing out of a big hoo-ha.
Some in the drawn, some in the drawing. On

the 27th of July he walked to the Brooklyn Bridge.
Long intestine. Someone

says time's up. Gasket. Garnish. Green in years.
We turned the corner and caught the

of them

kissing. Lakes glittering. Fried drumstick.
I like the number three. She looked

like he does now when she was a child.
Dog eating catfish. He hung

up the phone.
She gave her opinions and the flu.

I haven't slept in for days.
How wrong? Awestruck. Heart murmurs.

Forgoing matter for.
We are not so different.


Varnish from sight. Damned if i do.
Semicolon. Parenthesis.

You're left. Dad's
right. It's all chemical,


You are no thing
if nothing.

The next time
you find yourself in front of.



*note to "If i'm not me then who the hell am i?"


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