alfie lee writing


Harking back to a past you never had

The highwire act
you were eager always
to recall.
Searchlights twirl
the tangle of concertina wires.
Your safety net there
still. Step off,
plunge headlong, plead
your case, your honour.

You traffic in memories.
You are the long road
stretching far beyond your shadow
cast ahead into the dark. You remember
this or that, you think,
the travel, the space,
the slack, the give,
the ends beyond
the means.

In another life,
you remind yourself
you'll remind yourself.
Give yourself
a heads up,
a leg up,
some sort of start-up
Yes. Yet

in the dead of cold, absent
birdsongs precipitate,
and fall
by gravity and
grace. Birthed
from vapours,
no two ever alike,
weather-beaten universe of stars.


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