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point of a rival

that rain was falling when their train pulled into the station.
they made their way in the crowd.
it was dark they could not see anything.
across water there were sounds of foghorns.
they took a cab they haggled down to six dollars.
the car was small.
that was a very small car.
they were a lot of restless looking men hanging around the lobby of their hotel.
the room was on the top fifth floor.
they could see the lights of the harbor from their windows.
that and bridge.
they door-knobbed a do not disturb.
they were tired and slept right after their bath.

they arrived back aching.
the air condition on the train was cold.
there abandoned their plan to walk to their hotel.
their cab driver was grumpy.
roadside hawkers were setting up those stalls.
the light was forever.
that and some.
this receptionist spoke very loudly.
or maybe it was because they were very tired.
or just maybe it was because they were very tired.
they came back down and switched to a deluxe room.
this a bathtub the want.
a window looked out onto these faded red roofs of Chinatown.
there swallows the sky.
in the hurry to get to work everyone ignored their lights.

they were nervous and irritated when day arrived.
that kid running up and down the aisle did not fall and break those teeth.
the wish.
german couple backpacks the small carrier this leather attaché.
their man at the counter simply waved at there passports.
noisy fans blew their scent in this direction of the dog.
through the crowd they saw her family sitting at a table at that other coffee shop.
they all seemed this happy.
they gave him the lift to a train station where he took this train home.
she came to a door on this third ring.


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