alfie lee writing

sometimes this place gets so hot you just want to give up

a swimmingpoolful
shoes from icetrays
cotton underwear (just before the

hole) only the driver and yourself              on an aircon bus
a cloud big enough if not

a cloud big enough if not
a remote controlled cloud that will shelter           shelter
                                                   you wherever you

a cool wet kiss
                                           just left the rim of an iced tea

full of blue waters
you and me
                  in bed heh

splashing around how
was civilised life possible then

"a time when there was no butter, no
fresh milk, no good quality meat and
no ice-cream to be had in the steamy
tropical cauldron of Singapore? A
time which came to an abrupt halt on
24 March 1905" -- though there were
still 18 years to wait
before that ice-cream appeared

full of blue waters

a swimmingpoolful


*note to "sometimes this place gets so hot you just want to give up"

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