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The  framing of photographs.   She
appeared  at   the   door  in   hunza.
The eyes receive  by  far  the  most
spatial  information.   It  works  for
me.     Pentax  LX,    Kodak  Gold,
1/2,000 sec.     Who    were    your
heroes?   He  had  been  very polite
when      she     had     met      him.
Observation  drawing  and   foreign
travel    heighten    our    level    of
sensory   perception.    My  mother
says  don’t  worry  about  love  just
get  married.    A  one  dimensional
force.      She    delighted    in   the
moment.   I  was.   Indicate  "echo"

lines    behind    its    trajectory.   I
scotch-taped   his   photograph   on
my bedroom wall.   Battery.   Each
 receives  a slightly different image.
I'm so happy for you. The dialer is
then called back.  Sunlight.  All he
did   was   watch.       Theirs  is   a
curvilinear   culture.     They   also
found milk in his refrigerator.  The
dot has no scale.   Have  no  shame.
X.  Of some diseases.  The brain is
intolerant of ambiguity.  Her  older
brother.  Sensuous  event involving.
Escalation. Hearing  in  relation  to
the   acoustic  properties   of  space.

Anyman by anywoman.  He fiddled
with my breasts. Assume  a  central
axial   fulcrum.    I    heard   noises
through the walls.   The  immediate
receptors:       skin,        membrane,
muscles.    It was so.   I undress.   I
came  to  work  earlier  than  usual.
The  ability to  focus  on  only  one
point at a time. Let's make a movie
together.       Speech      can       be
dangerous.  Satisfied. You  know  I
only want to be a machine.   Visual
alternative:  solid  or  void.  I  look
for    the    door.    These    convey
credible   information    about   the

form  of  an object  that  could  not
exist   outside.     Graphic.    We're
flexible.   Bend  down.   This  isn't
Shakespeare.         Apart        from
holograms,    stereoscopic    images
and   moving   pictures.   Today  is
Tuesday.     I   don’t   like   to   be
touched.    Rachel  called.   KY.  A
glance is  a  reconstruction.  All  he
did  was watch.  People  with  quite
different  motives.  How  much  are
you    making?        Simultaneously
record  a variety  of angles of  view
of the same object.   Farther objects
move  less.    Space  is  wider  than

possible.       I    undressed.       To
communicate            its           total
understanding.  I  don't  think  I can
see        you        tonight         dear.
Asymmetrical     balance      derives
from   equal    eye   attraction.   We
exchanged  photographs.   We were
there   when    it    happened.    The
difference  between  the  image that
enters    the   eye   and    the   same
image   as    reconstructed   by   the
brain.     You    cannot    recognise
anyone.   2.   The relative sameness
of elements.   How can they fuck in
front    of    so    many    strangers?

Works    against   the    illusion   of
depth.            She           screamed.
Interferences   to   stop   the    flow.
Infinitesimal  adjustments  to.   The
balance of  our  bodies.  Who  were
you?     The site.    I'd like to take a
Polaroid  of  your  cock.  The  three
layers  of  perception.    Sat   at  the
back.     Serialised   views.    Space
necessitates   an   increase.   Started
giggling.  These  quotes  consist  of
dialogue.   At  the  end  of  the day,
she  tucks  him  in.  I've  never seen
you  before.   Proximity.   Are  the
sum  of  their  parts.  I  have  never

been happy.  Touch is an important
aspect   of   our   understanding  of
space.  Going going gone.  No, you
are  using  me.  Directly  related  to
the  growth of the new  technology.
We  all  want  something  beautiful.
The   resulting   fusion   of   vision
causes  distortions.  Can't  you  see?
Human feelings.  Man I wish I was.
Matter.     Electricity.     Find   the
dominant  message  in   the   lower
left   sector.     Resist.    She's   not
coming.    Familiarity    breeds    a
jaded     and      casual     appraisal.


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