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funny looking man with his kid looking funny on the mrt
played the drums when he was young
on her wedding night she thought all brides must be miserable
it's cool to wear maroon lipstick
pulau ubin is spiritually uplifting
twenty six hours of non-stop tv
nowadays everybody has a swatch
she did not realize she was a hypocrite
the boy looks out the window and says stirring road
there is a woman with a purple balloon
he's been gone for ten years now and sometimes i miss him
they won a trip to bali for two
sorry we're out of stock but we do deliveries
i'm a bad writer because i'm ugly
he stopped leaned over and vomited
i guess i'll just have to learn to motivate myself
is that it
i wonder if the guy had any chance at all
fortunately the two cyclists escaped with only minor injuries
i only realized in my youth when i saw him destroy the plane in anger
sorry we made a mistake it wasn't your sister
i think he felt he never had a father
can you smell it we're sitting too close to the dump
i try not to sleep on the train there's so much going on
my granddad died of a burst aorta it was the size of a man's fist
can you tape it i don't want to miss anything
i saw his wife a few days ago but she act blur
he was crying when he realized suddenly he was going to die


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