alfie lee writing

a dream come true for

the host of millions
assume the sense these
truths as a stepping stone
phenomenon of Nature
whose right is founded
to give a meaning it had not
in thought so closely pressed a
capacity for heroic self-assertion
that i don't wish to have
any regrets in their persons being
good looking doesn't mean much
not by the value and worth of the objective
but like fate without cause or reason
suddenly like lightning

you always unbounded
confidence in you
will come forward freely and joyfully
make of every affliction
perform what has to be
performed same time
next week not for what you have
done but simply for what you are
to achieve by word
and with fear
of contradiction decide
there is nothing
i've wanted all my
life is about the passion of
what i do to be an actress and
since i was a child
express his total personality
authenticate his capacity for experience appear
on television

and he realized where she was that's who
i really will

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