alfie lee writing

trick of the write

you get the governance that you deserve
you can't bite the hand the feet
when one is in your mouth
the other stretching out
that craving for
the buffet spread the Birkin bag
what you pay is what you get
even if it's a lot more
odds are you'd like to forget
the way you came
in through the lack
nothing to buy
nothing to live for
ugly goes with ugly does
debt to the dead
on your head
everything turns to lead
with mouths to feed
this i read
as i read
if i could do it all again
i could do it all again
instead pride comes before
the poor she said she's sad
set your bags down and
you can leave town
in a hurry on the double
at the very first sign of trouble though
i worry for your father so
that he might forget you
know he's too tired to change
or rather too old to hang around
the losses he has found
and think of time passing
the blank days the long nights
the dreams vague over every last thing
the dead schemes
without a will to write
in just back sight
i am bound to do what is right
it's nothing really no one died
it's only a trick of the light


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