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Overnight pun. Hard rock. Hurts
when it hits. Been training the mind
on a runaway thought. The spread of snow
over the stop. A kind of ague. So
and so says so on and so forth.
Gesture to me, is a word.

The sky overcast misses its mark.
Yet tomorrow another dollar. The last
night in San Francisco we hit all
the spots. All the flowers. All aboard!
Embarcadero! Hung over
yonder by the hair of the dog.

Give me a reason to get up at all.
In one year and out the other. She said
you're old and i've got cabin fever.
A truck spins its tires without remorse. Is it day
light yet in Singapore? Are her streets
awash with rain?

Someone please get me my iPhone. We
forage in packs and come in pieces. Surrender to
the do nots. The ball is dropped. That's
how they say it in these here parts.
As grave is to gravity. Now in your court.
The dust bomb of the clock. Cocked.


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