alfie lee writing


incumbent upon opposition
words too weak for wear
too soft to wield power
too much weight to bear
too thick to fatten a wallet
too bankrupt for a suit
too bored to sit still
two words
just too

no ideas in ideology
no true worth no true words no worse no nothing will come of nothing outside
no space in a district drawn
where everyone
has a number a vote a name
no relief cast by candle
no honest man to be found
when the sun comes on

it can't do right or wrong
or maybe it won't
melancholy and lies it does
insolence whimsy stupidity
sure enough
it can try to tell you
everything god how it tries
but never does
contradict itself
doesn't contradict itself
with equal conviction too self 
does what it says
opposite the only
told it's what do won't it
describe shouldn't it be scribe
a scene (below) but not hard
i scoff at poems that are lists
in prose of broken lines
this one is two
are we there yet?
that's what it does to you
forked twisted bite my tongue
jealousy envy in spades
anger blind rage
happiness happenstance
love always
and always
a breaking heart

were those some of the most stupid
wankerish passages i have ever written?
quite possibly so i don't know
but it goes to show

i her one son
was not around to see my mother die
but she always voted opposition
and so will i

they parked the rental
got out and walked
along the path
by cattails ten feet flailing
the Old Montauk Highway
behind them
a sometime car

the lake dark slate
ringed with ice
rippling where the waters are
he pointed at the ducks
on the far shore
in a row
their quarrels echo pass

squinting she turned and said
geese waht!


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