alfie lee writing


echo though she loved him so

could not tell narcissus how she felt
instead was made to repeat after him as he fell
in love forever with himself

you walk the far reaches of your space
breathing in your own atmosphere
of your thoughtbubble helmet

you net your web in tangles threads
entrap with false conviction catch
your self entrance

you search buried in the artifact
of your head for ego excavate
awe in the vains of your mind

you hawk to the wheel
of the world banking an instinct
for the chase for returns stock phrases with praise

you pump action autoerotic load
self-inflicted love propose
shot gun single barrel down your aisle and home

your smile in the face of reflection
retina resolution of your phone
#nofilter yourself in your own

image beaming so seeming dreaming
an arrow striking itself bow memeing
love without meaning


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