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"mi'lady, i'm afraid i am some bad news."

we are nature's
cruelest hacks. the one
true love of your
setbacks. we stack

the decks. your plain
hijack. whet the blanket
on your success. we short
your self-worth on the

Nasdaq. we are
the balances
bouncing your checks.
we are useless

appendages of sex. man-
splaining what you get. our feels
lag. loose stuffings
for your jammed

cracks. horny cuddles-
de-sacs. our members too
long in tooth to flex. do-little-
for-you douche bags.

as matters of fact we
lack tact. we
are the sound
and fury of assholes

lax. we are designed
just so -
to upset. booby traps
for eye bags, belly

fat. cheap regifters
of the gab. chokes
on the old gags - that we'll
go before you

yet. timing is what
we lack. we will die
of heart attacks.
we are cold. wrong

dead. inconsiderate.
at fault. false. fake
we are fraud. in affect
misread - ersatz.


*note to "ersatz"


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